5 Basic Skills a Beginner Front End Designer Must Have

5 Basic Skills a Beginner Front End Designer Must Have

Front end developers design and develop a working website using a variety of building blocks including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, to be a front-end designer, there are basic skills required of a beginner which of course will also be necessary as an expert. Below is a list of five essential skills necessary for front end designers.



HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the standard language for creating webpages, hence it is impossible to be a front-end designer without the skills and knowledge of HTML. Basically, the markup language is used for making notes that in digital documents, while Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used for presentation of document created with HTML. The two skills basically go together. These are the building blocks to web development.


This is a programming language for a server-side, and it basically handles the interactive aspect of a website design. It handles the functionality of a webpage. The drop-down menus, action boxes, and tabs, for example, are all made with JavaScript.

CSS Preprocessing

Cascading Stlye Sheet (CSS)

CSS prepocessing makes coding easier as it reduces the tendency to rewrite codes in order to make changes. With CSS pre-processor such as Stylus, LESS, and Sass, you can write codes in the preprocessor’s language and then convert it to CSS for functionality on the website.

CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

CSS and JavaScript are strong bases for front-end design, but for ease of functionality, the CSS and JavaScript frameworks are integral part of your skillsets. It is important to know the type of framework to choose for the kind of website you are building. Examples of framework include Bootstrap and AngularJS which you can pair together while working on projects.

Responsive Design

responsive design

All kinds of devices including smartphones, computers, and tablets are used to open different kinds of websites. For the website to open accurately on each of the device, a front-end designer must understand the principles of responsive design and its implementation in coding. It’s an intrinsic part of CSS framework which must also be well-understood in order to make progress in web design.


Like every other job, skills are building blocks to perform well in front-end design. While focusing on technical skills as mentioned above, don’t forget to hone your skills in human relations as good communication is important to have constant communication with clients. Most importantly, as you grow in your journey as a front-end web designer, don’t forget to hone your skills in order to transition to an expert.


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