15 Essential Tools Every Beginner UX/UI Designer Must Have

15 Essential Tools Every Beginner UX/UI Designer Must Have

Getting the right tools may be quite intimidating especially as a beginner UX designer. However, these 15 tools will be jump start your experience in no time.

  1. Type form

Type form is a survey tool employed that can quickly help you collate and analyse the design problems and how to solve them.

  1. Springboard’s UX curriculum

This is a curated resource for learning the basics and expertise of UX. You can sharpen your skills with the curriculum with the free and organized resources.

  1. UX Pin

UX Pin replaces your paper and mental imaging usually done before designs. UXPin is an online tool for mocking up a web and mobile interface without coding.

  1. Balsamiq

It helps you mock up rough drafts of your design so you can have an idea of your vision for a design. With it your design will be guided easily.


  1. Canva

You can quickly create individual elements of a UX design using canva. Create captioned images, custom texts, and infographics to suit you.

  1. Adobe colour wheel

For beginners, colour selection is a big problem, but with adobe colour wheel, you can compare and contrast colour to suit your projects.

Adobe colour wheel

  1. Google Fonts

The most exhaustive collection of fonts is on Google Fonts meaning you can easily resolve a nagging UX beginner problem-typography.

Google Fonts

  1. Pixabay

To get the perfect image that correctly depicts your design and speaks to your users, use pixabay to get free high-quality photos that give life to your designs.

  1. InVision

With  you can build prototypes, iterate designs, and gather quick feedback on your design, all without writing a single line of code.


  1. Redpen

Use Redpen to share your design with your team for a feedback. Drag and drop your design in it and people will be to make comments on any point.

  1. Peek by Usertesting

Peek gives you a comprehensive review by sending three random persons to your site to state what they like or don’t like about your website.


  1. Frontify

It helps you create a branding and style guideline for projects by providing a quick documentation.

  1. Iconfinder

It is a free tool for finding and downloading icons in all formats. It is one of the largest collection of premium icons for web designers.

  1. Mockplus

It is used for prototyping apps and websites for mobile, and desktop. It also allows you to preview your designs on mobile devices quickly.

  1. Sketch

It is a highly visual tool for building powerful and flexible vectors needed for your designs.


A quick master of these tools wgill help you work more efficiently and produce better designs.

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