Understanding the Key Difference and Similarities Between UI and UX

Understanding the Key Difference and Similarities Between UI and UX

User Interface (UI) is the interaction space for the machine and human to communicate. Basically, it is a screen for interacting with a device. The interface requires both software and hardware components. A UI designer is concerned with the front-end design carrying out such responsibilities as UI prototyping, branding and graphic developments.

On the other hand, UX depicts the User Experience design, and it involves enhancement of the customer experience while using the product and services. The aim of a UX designer is to ensure a good user experience which in turn guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty. Responsibilities of a UX designer include prototyping, wireframing and testing.

Differences between UI and UX

UX is concerned with products, services and interface while UI is only concerned with interfaces

UX designers deal with product and services, and the creation of hypothesis before building an interface. On the other hand, UI designer only deals with interfaces which includes car dashboards, washing machines, watches, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Designing UI and UX

UX makes interface useful while UI makes interface beautiful

A UX designer in order to make a product useful has to carry out research in competitive analysis, persona development, value, and viability. All this will together be used to determine the required user experience. The UX designer also creates and tests a prototype which the UI designer will then beautify using the choice of colour, typography and interface design.

UX helps users accomplish goals, while UI appeals to human emotion

People come to websites for a purpose which is to solve a problem. A UX designer ensures that the users can get answers to these questions while the UI designer creates appealing design for human emotion to make a personal connection to the website.

UI/UX Combo

Similarities between UI and UX

Although there is a thin line between the UI and UX designers, they share important similarities including:

They both in their work aim to satisfy the customers. At the same time, they emphasise on the users’ interaction with the machine, product or service.

Finally, they create applicable designs for any product or service.

How UI and UX works


Although it may be difficult to differentiate UI from UX as they work together, it is realistic to conclude that UX design focuses on the accomplishment of tasks across platforms and services, while UI design focuses on making a compelling interface that humans can connect with. It is thus safe to say that for the success of a website, both UI and UX designers are core.

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