10 commonly used fonts and their alternatives you should try

10 commonly used fonts and their alternatives you should try

Fonts are beautiful and contribute to the appearance of a design. There are a few selections of popular fonts commonly used by designers but this article will not only identify these fonts but will provide alternatives to them. The alternative fonts may not be as popular but they are sure worth a try.


It is the most popular typeface font and is a family of the sans serif font. It has a clear style and composition with its usage common in branding, signage, and advertising. The best match for this font is Arimo, also a clean and clear font that works perfectly well on branding, typography, and advertising.



Gotham also belongs to the sans serif family and is quite popular for its strong and bold typeface which makes it perfect to make a bold statement. Montserrat font is an alternative which is available as thin, regular, medium, and bold.

Trajan Pro

Trajan and its alternative, Cinzel are quite similar although different to some extent. Trajan uses a rough and raw style, while Cinzel is the cleaner version.

Bodoni MT

Bodoni MT is a type faced font offered in twenty-four different weights and styles. Its alternative is the Playfair Display offered in three weights and six styles.

Museo Slab

Museo Slab

This is also a typeface font with some serifs added to it, but for a change, you can try the Fauna One a slab serif font with unique looking touches.


Adelle comes in seven weights with each having an Italian style. But the Roboto Slab serif version although without an Italian style, its four weights is more than impressive.


Clarendon is classified as a slab serif but a great looking typeface. It has six fonts make it such a delight for designers, but Trocchi is a great alternative available in two styles.

Dax Pro

Dax Pro typeface font is suitable for publishing, branding, packaging and advertisement but designers can give the Ubuntu Open type font family which has four weights and an italic version.


This is a sans-serif font used most by modern architects for its geometric typeface. The best alternative to the font with the same geometric structure is Josefin Sans.

FF Tisa

FF Tisa is a curved slab serif font but with Bitter, the closest alternative with the same slab-serif style.

Font decision


Overall, the fonts mentioned above are premium while their alternatives are free. So, while you may not yet be able to afford the premium fonts with more styles and weights, try the alternatives to achieve the same goal.

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