10 Proven Tricks to Maximise User Engagement on your Blog

10 Proven Tricks to Maximise User Engagement on your Blog

Have a blog and looking for ways to engage your users on your blog? These quick and easy 10 tips will help you with keeping your blog visitors coming for more.

  1. Create Engaging Content

If your users like what they see, they are sure to keep coming back for more. A good rule of thumb is to keep it short and simple.

  1. Share

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Make sure your content is shareable across various social media websites. Needless to say your content has to be exceptional to begin with because people are only likely share content that they find interesting

  1. Ask the Crowd


Ask your users questions, seek their opinion. People naturally want to respond to questions and requests.

  1. Be Controversial

Post an unpopular opinion and ask your users to prove you right or wrong. This could very easily spark a debate and have people coming back to continue the ongoing debate.

  1. Interactive Elements

Make sure there are engaging, interactive elements on your blog. You can use Playbuzz to create polls, quizzes, flip cards and more to keep your visitors engaged.

  1. Images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Images with engaging content are more likely to catch and hold a user’s attention. Don’t underestimate the power of visual appeal.

  1. Create Content that can be easily Scanned

The layout of your blog should be easy to scan. The size and typeface of your posts should also be appealing. The trick is to break your content up into several small paragraphs. So that a visitor is not discouraged by a wall of text.

  1. Call to action

Act now

Whether it is subtle or bold, a call to action is a great idea because it gives your visitors a nudge that they often can’t help but respond to. Encourage your visitors to comment, share, like, complete a survey or subscribe with a cleverly written call to action.

  1. Time your posts to be uploaded at the time majority of your blog visitors are likely to be online

Target the magical after work hour when they are in traffic on the way home and are more likely to respond to things that catch their attention on their phone.

  1. Pop-ups/Live chat

A chat box is often hard to resist, especially if it has a clever little title. Pop-ups are a bit controversial right now, but the trick is to keep them unobtrusive and small in a way that they call attention without being annoying.

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