How Video Contents can help Boost your Search Ranking

How Video Contents can help Boost your Search Ranking

Incorporating video with your online marketing strategy has become a necessary tool for higher search engine ranking. Video is a fantastic way to engage your audience and pique interest in your website outside of conventional blog posts and articles. Visuals are always easier to understand, more appealing to watch and an avenue for webmasters to showcase a unique brand of creativity when generating awareness for a product on their site.

The use of videos have dramatically increased over the years and businesses are looking for new ways to use it for it’s SEO rich value. According to Cisco, video makes up 64% of all internet traffic and is forecasted to increase 80% of all online traffic by 2019.


3 ways videos can improve your search rankings

  • Make the video content worthwhile and interactive

The content you’re creating must be gripping and relevant for your target audience. The video shouldn’t be a last minute decision but the words must convince the audience on the benefits of watching the video to fully understand your message. One surefire way to make your video interactive is to add engaging content to the caption, annotation or video. Furthermore, you could break down the video into shorter segments to place the choice on what to watch with the audience. A two-minute video is a reasonable length for any video.

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  • Keyword

Search engines need all the information you can provide to help them identify which search results are best for your content. Label your video with keyword rich words just as you would label graphics and pictures. According to Google, the important data are the thumbnail, title and description. The title must be short and direct; description should offer information using keywords to boost ranking and the metadata must be well thought out because it contains the video length, title, file name and description.

  • Viral and share-worthy content

It’s not enough for your video to be engaging, your audience has to like it enough to share it on social media or invite their friends and family to view your content. Shareable content has specific qualities such as

  • Creative and well thought out
  • Unique
  • Top quality that is memorable and improves your site authority.

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In conclusion, videos have moved beyond just an attention-grabbing attachment people use as an afterthought; it is an essential feature for sites looking to boost conversion rates, SEO and traffic.


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