Is Using a Slider on Your Blog Necessary?

Is Using a Slider on Your Blog Necessary?

The norm on the internet when creating a website is to add a slide that rotates texts and images at the top of the homepage. Clients who hire web designers to build a website insist on having one because it offers them the chance to advertise many products and offers on their homepage. However, questions have been asked about its’ usefulness and relevance for SEO ranking and the popular answer from experts remain NONE.

This has not stopped website developers from adding sliders to their theme because customers always reject them on the basis that they are ‘outdated’. Let’s delve further into 4 reasons why you don’t need sliders (also called carousals) on your site.

4 reasons why you don’t need sliders on your blog

People don’t click on sliders

Scientific studies always leave room for doubt but sliders are the one topic on which all findings have been conclusive.

Visitors on a website are likely to only click on the first slide and ignore the rest, and only 1% click on it. Automatic rotation removes an important element of good user experience on your site, customer control. This automatic rotation makes it difficult for the user to interact with the site and user whose first language isn’t the same as yours or those with poor motor skills read at slower pace which would be impossible with quick shuffling of slides.

Too many options are confusing

Indecisive Blogger

Carousels stuff too many adverts in one place which leads to higher bounce rates because ideally, all you need to convert customers is one call to action on each page. When you jam the homepage with too many products and offers, the visitor finds it hard to pick one and often leave without making a purchase. You should focus your blog on your primary product to get the best results from your marketing campaign.

Sliders aren’t optimized for mobile devices

Research has shown that most internet users are mobile and by 2014, mobiles had officially taken over from desktop in terms of internet usage. Hence, websites should be designed in a way that mobile users enjoy the same experience as their desktop counterparts but sliders are not mobile friendly. The important call to action text automatically shrinks to a barely seen microscopic text that renders the message irrelevant. They also consume more data on mobile devices because of the large image files from JavaScript when the page is loading and mobile users who tend to manage their data when they are without Wi-Fi access generally avoid such websites.

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When trying to communicate the value of your offer, text is more efficient than images, loads faster, your blog readers recognize it immediately and visitors who want to scan will do so quickly and get the call to action message without any issues. The most important tool on your blog is the headline and not a slider. Your headline conveys your message clearly and draws the interest of your readers who look for satisfaction in your content.

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