Top 10 Web Design Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram for Inspiration

Top 10 Web Design Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram for Inspiration

Social Network can be a great source of Information these days, with both reliable and unreliable content. Nevertheless it can also be a source for Inspiration; Instagram is one of these social media platforms that individuals and companies have taken to, in a bid to promote their services and reach out to a wider target market. As a visual platform that provides inspiration as well as entertainment and information we have put together a list of web design accounts on Instagram that are worth following for the inspiration you need.

  1. Tubik Studio – @tubikstudio: A design studio based in Ukraine that specializes in web interfaces, motion design, branding and logos. The Tubik studio is a place where any designer would love to work, their projects are well oriented in creating a fluid user experience and their Instagram account is just a whole world of creativity.


  1. Barthelemy Chalvet – @agenceme: A product design agency in SF and Paris, Barthelemy is a web designer that characterizes the appeal of his interfaces with a minimalist and modern/futuristic style. Check out his account to see the life and style projects he is working on.

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  1. Chris Coyier – @chriscoyier: A well-known designer, CSS and HTML expert at CodePen. He has published a lot of websites and tutorials to help designers improve their skills. Follow his Instagram for some inspiration or check out his blog “CSS-tricks” or his podcast called ShopTalk.


  1. Ranjith Alingal – @ranjithalingal: This UI/UX designer who hails from India and is always challenging himself and other designers to create astounding and user oriented graphic design has inspired us with his instagram account so we hop you can be inspired to with his range of interface designs, icons and web illustrations.


  1. Nick Buturishvili – @nick_buturishvili: A Georgia based web designer, shows a selection of his works on his instagram page. He is capable of creating good interaction design that motion graphic lovers will like, using modern typography and fresh colors his page displays the wealth that a good user interface web design should have.

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  1. Sarah Parmeter – @sazzy: A web designer with a forte for designing web pages for the IPad and IPhone, she speaks at web design conferences around the world and hosts a podcast called Happy Monday.


  1. Tonik Studio – @wearetonik: This Poland based design studio focuses on web development and mobile branding. Their Instagram account shows a lot of their beautiful work, as well as them having fun, Enjoy.


  1. Witty Digital – @wittydigital: Always full of innovative and fully functional designs, take a look at their account to see videos and web design posts as well as great quotes to inspire you.


  1. Rachel Andrew – @rachelandrewuk: Managing director of a web development consulting service ( She is a speaker, web developer and a book writer. Check out her Instagram page and be motivated to see how women too are capable of making it in the Web design world.


  1. Graphic Design UI – @graphicdesignui: Managed by the team at Titanic Themes, this account is consistent with posts that feature illustrations, web design and others to keep you updated in the design world.





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