10 Easy Ways you can Test your Website Responsiveness

10 Easy Ways you can Test your Website Responsiveness

For all who are concerned about providing their users with the best possible user experience, responsive design is a no-brainer. A responsive design will look great on any device, from a mobile phone to a tablet. Find out how responsive your site is right now with any of these tools:

  1. Responsive Test Tool

This responsive design testing tool was developed by Designmodo and it works well for debugging media query breakpoint. All you need to do to is feed in the URL of your site and select a device to check your site responsiveness.

  1. Responsive Test Master

This is a responsive design testing tool by Responsive Junction that lets you check how responsive your site is in different custom and predefined resolutions like Responsive Test Tool.

Web responsiveness for compability

  1. Am I Responsive?

Use this 4-in-1 viewport tool to test the responsiveness of your website quickly and easily. It produces a preview image which can be used in presentations and it got the Net Awards title for Side Project of the Year.

  1. Responsinator

With this tool, you get to see what your site looks like on different Apple and Android devices in both landscape and portrait mode. You can also check what a particular page looks like by clicking the link.

  1. Responsive Design Checker

You’ll love the neat interface of this free web tool the minute you see it. It lets you check any website in detail, including the options of landscape and portrait mode.

  1. Dimensions

With Dimensions, you can take screenshots of your site. The Google Chrome extension makes it easier for you to debug media queries. You can use it entirely offline and with local files.

Web responsiveness

  1. Viewlike.us

In addition to letting you check how responsive your website is, this tool uses Google API to get data from PageSpeed Insights which it uses to show the speed score of your website.

  1. ResponsivePX

This responsive design testing tool has been designed to help you look for breakpoints in your site’s responsive design. There are controls you can use to adjust the height and width of your viewport.

  1. ScreenQueries

This tool can be said to be the most widely recognised responsive web tool for media query debugging.

  1. Screenfly

This tool comes with many features including one that lets you see how the website renders in different pre-set screen dimensions.

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