12 Useful Typography Frameworks to Spice up your Web Design

12 Useful Typography Frameworks to Spice up your Web Design

The most significant part of any web design is the typography as it takes up over 90 percent of the page. In typography, you get to use web fonts and modern CSS techniques that make it easy to achieve complexity in little time. With the right frameworks and tools to help, you can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of any website. Find below a dozen of such typography frameworks.

1.      GridLover

GridLiver is a great help for producing basic typography styles for your design and generating styles SCSS, Stylus, and inLESS. It comes with a simple slider, margin and height, as well as line size.

2.      FlowType

This is a plugin that uses a specific wrapper width to dynamically adjust font size.


3.      Baffle.js

Baffle.js lets you create an “obfuscate and reveal” special effect to any text of your choosing.

4.      HatchShow

This plugin allows the font to fill the containers completely by enlarging the font size and it functions out of the box with appropriate algorithms and nutshells.

5.      Typesettings

Accessible in Sass and Stylus, Typesettings defines fair ratio, vertical rhythm, and font scaling effectively for you.


6.      Typeplate

Typeplate might be an ideal starter kit for any web designer, but it is one of the best as it comes with a couple of typography essentials that have to do with colours, scaling, indentation, and a lot more.

7.      Font-to-Width

Font-to-Width is great for making headlines and it lets the font fit perfectly in the width of the container.

8.      Underline.js

To make the best of your underlined text, Underline.js is precisely what you need, and it comes with many useful extras.

Modular Scale

9.      Modular Scale

If you are looking to generate the perfect font scaling for heading and body text, Modular scale is just the tool you need.

10. Textillate.js

For times when you need to achieve a powerful text effect without hassle, you’ll want to use Textillate.js. You are guaranteed to find about any kind of animation you need.

11. React Text Gradient

Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, as long as it involves a gradient, you can get it done with React Text Gradient.

12. jQuery.auto-text-rotating

This plugin lets you replace a string of text with multiple available animation effects.

Be sure to use these amazing frameworks to add something extra to the typography in your next web design project.

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