5 Amazing Colour Pallet Websites for your site Colour Matching

5 Amazing Colour Pallet Websites for your site Colour Matching

If the colour pallet you’ve picked for your website isn’t generating the preferred response you should consider changing it. While you might have a personal favourite, it is important to understand that colour is one of the most powerful tools in a web designer’s toolbox to express meaning, attract attention and drive conversion.

Successful colour choices require serious planning so that when done appropriately, influences your site visitors to interpret what they see based on typography and layout. Your e-commerce website design should start with a colour palette to be used steadily throughout the website.

5 Incredible Colour Pallet Websites that Could help your site Colour Matching

Red is the Hottest Colour

Pinterest has red as its primary colour. It is a strong, vibrant colour associated with love and makes you feel strongly about any product featuring red as its main theme. Red is used to create a sense of urgency in customers during clearance sales or to focus your eyes on a call to action button on a site. Be careful however not to use too much or it becomes off-putting.

Colour Palette red

Shoppers Love Orange

Orange is dynamic and warm without the intensity of red. Amazon loves orange and you can see this on the logo design throughout the website. Orange attracts rather than urges you to do something. It is used by e-commerce sites that want their visitors to feel cheerful, enthusiastic and stimulated after browsing their online store.

Orange for Shoppers

Blue Makes us Feel Safe

Blue is a colour that makes us feel secure, dependent and safe. It is used by corporate websites and businesses. As opposed to red, blue doesn’t require us to take action frequently so we feel calm on websites that feature this colour. A great example is Facebook, Oral-B, American Express, General Electronics and Dell.

Safe Blue

Purple Represents Abundance and Nobility

Purple is the primary background colour for anti-ageing, skin care, beauty products and luxurious lingerie lines. Purple has a calming effect on people. In more specific terms, darker shades of purple are associated with wealth and stronger shades are related to romance. Established brands using this colour include Yahoo, Cadbury, Crown Royal and Qatar Airways.

The noble purple

Once you have an idea of the deeper connotations behind each colour scheme, it is easier to pick options that best match your brand and the type of customers you’re looking to attract. Not all colours are right for your business and you should pick colours targeted to the core of your business clientele. Are your clients going to be women? If yes, will they be high-end shoppers? The colour combination for this group should be tones of purple, green and blue. The colour you choose for your background should be dependent on the objectives of your site.


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