5 Amazing Software to make an Explainer Video on your Product

5 Amazing Software to make an Explainer Video on your Product

Explainer videos short online marketing videos used to engage potential customers. It focuses on explaining a complex product or idea in a simple, easy to understand and fun way that quickly attracts the viewer’s attention. They have become so popular and are said to boast as much as a 80% conversion rate for some websites.

Today, I will be showing you 5 amazing software you can use to make explainer videos for your product or website.

Pow Toon

Pow Toon is used for making cool animated explainer videos online. One good thing about this software is that it is quite easy to use, as simple as making a PowerPoint. Pow Toon does not require you to have any animation experience; anyone with basic computer skills can use it. Used by many large corporations for years, Pow Toon is free and even has a tutorial section to walk you through your first creation.

Creatin a video Explainer


GoAnimate is another online video animation software that you can use to quickly create your explainer videos. Starting at $39 per month, this inexpensive tool features drag and drop and you can create as many animations as you want with the various character positions it comes with.


If you are trying to create a straightforward, no frills tutorial video without any form of animation, probably explaining how to use a product or website, Then Camtasia is for you. This software is screenshot recording software which captures exactly what you are doing on a computer. Your customers and viewers get to see exactly how you use your product or website without the distractions of comic characters or funny effects.

Designing a Video Explainer


Another great online too for create explainer videos is MakeWebVideo. This affordable application requires no technical skill, all you need to do is select the template of your choice and customize it with your text, pictures and audio. Within minutes, you have a complete video ready to download in MP4 or WEBM formats or you can as easily host it on their website and use the embed code to display it where you want.


This easy to use platform gives you everything you need to make an explainer video or animation. The simple drag and drop interface comes with professionally designed templates. Although they have a premium service, you can still get great videos using their free offer. Just browse for the template that suite your needs, upload your own media like images and sound, customize the text and share with friends.

Video Explainer

Using explainer videos for your products and services gives you tons of benefits. It is a great way to increase your conversion rate and get your users to better understand your products. Use any of the tools above to create some killer videos and see how it goes.

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