5 Key Benefits of using Google Analytical to Drive Traffic

5 Key Benefits of using Google Analytical to Drive Traffic

5 Key Benefits of using Google Analytical to Drive Traffic

Google analytics is a valuable tool for monitoring and tracking the efficiency of your website. It is a powerful tool that can provide valuable data about the website. From the business perspective, it is important to know how your website is performing and what can be done to improve the performance; Google analytics does exactly this. What are the key benefits gained from using this completely free and powerful tool? Below are the 5 key benefits of using Google analytics.

Traffic Source Monitoring

Your website users will come from different sources including search engine, paid adverts, other websites, and email links. With Google analytics you can find out the main source of your website’s traffic. This will give you an insight into your performance in search engines. The traffic generated through ad campaign will also be tracked and you can have an idea of what campaign method works or otherwise. You can basically find out the successful methods of traffic generation for your website.

Traffic source monitoring

Provide Information About Visitors

Google analytics provides information about the visitors coming to a website. You can track the countries, and indeed, the villages the visitor access the website. With this knowledge on the visitors, you can do a targeted marketing campaigns or advertisements.

targeted marketing campaigns

Identify Page Popularity

With Google analytics you can find out which of a website’s pages are the most popular or frequently visited. With this knowledge, you can learn how best to improve the page or other pages on the website to generate more clicks and traffic.

Evaluate Traffic Flow

Statistics on entry into the website and the device used for accessing the website can all be evaluated by Google analytics. This allows an effective management of the website. For instance, if a higher traffic is coming from mobile devices, then, the website will be optimized for mobile friendliness and easy navigation.

traffic flow

Determine Website Bounce Rates

The bounce rate on the website can be tracked with Google analytics. Usually bounce rate is the number of pages viewed by a user before leaving a website. A high bounce rate after analysing is a pointer either to poor content quality or keyword irrelevance on the website. With this knowledge, websites can be improved and optimized for users to spend longer time on it.

bounce rate on the website


There are a lot of benefits to be derived from using Google analytics. A good analysis of your website with this powerful tool can provide the knowledge needed to drive traffic on your website for better performance.

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