5 Things to look out for when Choosing Wordpress Theme for your Portfolio site

5 Things to look out for when Choosing Wordpress Theme for your Portfolio site

Having a Portfolio site is a great idea for any visual business. Fashion stylists, photographers, makeup artists and videographers have great WordPress portfolio themes to compliment their website. These themes give you the chance of creating an aesthetically appealing site in an effort to promote your work to prospective clients. There is a large array of WordPress themes available on the Internet so we have put together a brief list of things you should consider when you’re about to choose the appropriate theme for your portfolio site.

With so many WordPress themes available, it makes choosing one a difficult choice some things you should consider before you make your pick are

Is it Free or Premium?

If you’re willing to pay for your theme, go for it. The the possibilities mean you are going to get more features and a lot more customizing control as opposed to a free theme. Not discouraging you from getting a free theme but if you have a more advanced site, then the paid theme provider will be able to monitor, update and offer you the support that you need if there is an issue with your theme along the way.


Does it allow a logo?

You should ensure that the theme you pick provides the option of allowing you to upload your own header image and replace the default image. It is not always necessary, but is a welcome advantage to add your logo so you can strengthen your brand. When checking for your theme, look out for “custom logo” or “custom header” on the vendors website.

Is the theme responsive?

If it responsive, then this means that your blog will be visible on any device or platform (Desktops, Smart phones, Tablets and IPads) Majority of the available themes are responsive, but it is still healthy to check before making your choice.

Is it compatible with blog plugins? 

If you have an ecommerce site or blog, you will require ecommerce plugins to aid in the sale of your products. You need to ensure that the theme you pick is capable of working with the essential plugins that can boost the efficiency of your web page.

Wordpress Plugins

Support and Conversion

You could run into technical issues along the line when using your theme, this is where paid themes triumph over free themes. Ensure that your theme provider has a number or email you can reach them easily if you encounter any technical issues. While you have the support of your theme provider, find out how the theme can be tailored to assist in conversion.

Whether it’s free or paid you opt for, daring or minimalist. Ensure that your WordPress theme helps you achieve the goal of your portfolio for best results.




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