50 Free and Great Fonts for your Advertising Typography

50 Free and Great Fonts for your Advertising Typography

Many ordinary people enjoy the most beautiful advertisements available out there without ever knowing the amount of thought and work that goes into producing every single piece of advertising. One of the most important aspects of advertising is selecting the right font to convey your message as it ought to be passed.

Find below some of the best free fonts that are perfect for advertising. Some are old and well-known, while others are relatively new.

  1. Adolphus Serif by Adolfo
  2. Advertising by Analia Wainer
  3. Akzidenz Grotesk by Berthold Type Foundry of Berlin
  4. Asimov by KineticPlasma Fonts
  5. Aspire by Reference Type Foundry
  6. Avenir Std by Adrian Frutiger
  7. Beautify Script by Yasireknc
  8. Bembo by Monotype Imaging, Francesco Griffo
  9. Branded by SORO
  10. Caliope by Douglas DayGreat Fonts
  11. Chippewa Falls NF by Nick’s Fonts
  12. CRUSHED by Herofonts
  13. DIN 1451 by FontShop International, Mergenthaler Linotype Company
  14. Dust Overhaul by Herofonts
  15. Franklin Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton
  16. Frutiger by Adrian Frutiger
  17. Futura by Paul Renner
  18. GardeniaVictorian by Douglas Day
  19. Gist Rough Upr Exbold Two Demo by Yellow Design Studio
  20. Gotham by Tobias Frere-Jones
  21. Grand Hotel by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
  22. Greeting by Sam Wang
  23. Greetings by Rick MuellerGreat fonts
  24. Helvetica by Max Miedinger with input from Eduard Hoffmann
  25. Interstate by Tobias Frere-Jones
  26. Kautiva by Sudtipos (Foundary)
  27. Lemon by Eduardo Tunni
  28. Lobster Two by Pablo Impallari
  29. Merienda by Eduardo Tunni
  30. Motor by Herofonts
  31. Myriad Pro by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly
  32. Neo Sans by Sebastian “Seb” Lester
  33. Optima Std by Hermann Zapf
  34. PMN Caecilia by Peter Matthias Noordzij
  35. POLAR VORTEX by Herofonts
  36. Promotion Script by Intellecta Design
  37. Publicite by Intellecta DesignGreat Fonts
  38. Qraxy by Måns Grebäck
  39. Rabelo by Pedro Teixeira Foundry
  40. RadiantAntique by Douglas Day
  41. Rockwell by Monotype Imaging
  42. Rough___Dusty_Chalk by Creativetacos
  43. Sabon by Jan Tschichold
  44. Skolar by David Brezina
  45. Stalemate by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
  46. Sucrose Bold Two DEMO by Yellow Design Studio
  47. Summer Love by Zansari NZ
  48. Trajan by Carol Twombly
  49. Univers by Adrian Frutiger
  50. Wedding Chardonnay by Brittney Murphy Design

With a list of fantastic fonts like this, you don’t have to do too much to find that perfect font for your ad.

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