Effective Ways of Automating and Improving your Website Conversion Rate

Effective Ways of Automating and Improving your Website Conversion Rate

A conversion hardly ever happens at the first point of contact between a brand and a visitor and that is why you might be getting high traffic without seeing much difference in your conversion rate. You must be willing to put as much effort into follow-ups as you did into getting visitors to your site. With the very best of modern automation techniques and tools, you can raise your conversion rate significantly. Continue reading to find out how.

Guiding your Content Marketing using Interest Tags

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With tagging, you get to know about what interests your visitors have. Once you find out what proportions of your visitors lean toward a particular interest, you become informed about the best topic to focus on. One of the ways tags can be applied automatically is when users submit a form on your landing page.

Using Highly Targeted Follow-up Messages to Nurture Leads

Email marketing is capable of generating a 4,300% return for those who pay attention to it. Unlike social media, you can tailor your marketing efforts to an individual contact using any of the top marketing automation tools on the market. You can improve your conversion rate by making appropriate use of this invaluable form of personalisation which matches calls-to-action and content with contacts.

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Passing the Ball at the Perfect Time

A lot of times, scoring a goal is about passing the ball at right second. With automation, you can use a reliable lead scoring system to assign a contact a numerical value based on the system’s evaluation of their engagement. Once they reach a level where they fit into certain interest-indicating behaviours defined by you, you can them deem them sales-ready and pass them on to a sales person for direct attention.

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Adapt According to Consumer Behaviour and Time Marketing Perfectly

There are tools that enable you see what a visitor is doing on your website, allowing you automatically adapt your marketing as you respond to their behaviour. For example, say a visitor checks out your pricing information, this clearly indicates that they are considering buying your product or service. The next email you send them can be tailored to encourage them to take action along those lines.

Automation in marketing has come to stay and while these are full-proof ways it can make a difference for you, there are other ways. Implement these and keep learning.



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