8 Important Features for your Landing Page

8 Important Features for your Landing Page

Landing pages have become a common part of digital marketing because they provide a great first impression with prospective customers, thus, serving as an important page for converting prospects into leads and finally a lifetime customer. A landing page must have the following features for it to be fully optimized.

Compelling Headline

The headline is the first point of contact to visitors that land on your page. A compelling headline will prevent bouncing, encourage them to stick around, and then check out the offers. Have a clear, relevant, and empathic headline.

Persuasive Headline

Persuasive Subheadline

A compelling headline makes the prospect look, while a persuasive sub headline should turn the prospect to a lead. A subheading is directly under the main headline to push the products a bit more with more depth and detail about the product or service.

Effective Copy

A primary way of explaining your headline is through the copy which must at first glance convince prospects about the benefits of your products. The length of the copy, writing style, and formatting must be carefully done to assure the prospects they are in the right place.

Engaging Media

A better way to get your points across apart from copy is the use of media, i.e. videos, images, and gifs. Upload clear and crisp media that are attention grabbing to showcase the products and appeal to human emotion.

Trust Indicator

Trust Indicators

Your landing page should provide pointers to customers that the page can be trusted. The commonly used trust indicators on landing pages include statistics, authority badges, customer testimonials, third-party seals, and privacy policy. All five helps build trust in your business.

Value Proposition

On a landing page, the value offered to customers must be prominently written to attract the customers. Basically, the prospect should be able to answer the question, “what value will I gain from this?” at first glance. Inform customers clearly about the benefits of your product or service through for example, an explainer video.

Value Proposition

Strong Call to Action

This must particularly stand out so prospects or customers understand what exactly to do on the landing page. The position, size, and colour of the call to action must draw the maximum attention of the customer.

No External Links

Usually, landing pages are focused on a single offer, hence, there must be no external link inviting customers to other pages. It means the current landing page must provide all the solutions. There must be no jumping from page to page. The footer of the landing page too must exclude all the common website footer like social media links, about us, and product pages.


Although each business is unique in its offerings, however, a great landing page can only be created when you piece together all these important features. Keep it simple and compelling, but must importantly, ensure it converts.

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