Banner ads: 7 Tips to Effectively Design and Use them

Banner ads: 7 Tips to Effectively Design and Use them

Banner ads can be hit or miss. There is no denying it. Banners can be annoying and difficult to use them correctly. Their click-through rates have been decreasing yearly and it’s become even more difficult to get people’s attention with the use of a banner unless of course you are a banner genius. But you also need to consider that sometimes, banners have other benefits outside of click-through. In a study to understand how ads drive purchase behaviour, Mediative found that as much as 44% of the target audience that saw a banner online would search for the product or brand rather than click the banner. A further 14% would rather contact the advertiser directly. Banner ads are also a very effective way to get featured by bloggers and publishers in the same niche.

The web is becoming increasingly visual and for banner ads to effectively keep up and maintain a dominant position on the web, they need to stand out and engage the audience on different levels. Here are five ways to effectively use banner ads.

Use Conversion Coupling

A banner offers you a unique opportunity to push your agenda. Maximizing this opportunity means that you should match the message on your landing page to your banner. This will make the banner serve as an extension of your landing page so that even if a visitor doesn’t visit your landing page, the information on your banner gives him some critical information about your product and your service. Your banner should feature a powerful message that stays resonates with the target audience and encourages them to click on it.

Promos using Banners

If you have a special offer or a promo going on, then a banner is a great way to let potential customers know. One of the best triggers for a click is a special offer and a call to action to inject urgency into the message. If you are offering free sample products and services or special price discounts, a banner can be used to create more conversions using that.


Personalise Banner Messages

Using emotional triggers on your banners are a great way to attract clicks. A short and powerful message on a banner is very effective at connecting with potential customers on a deep and personal level. A short emotional story that ends with an invitation for the viewer to visit your website always works if the story is immersive. Pushing emotional buttons on banners forces the viewers to pay attention even when they are distracted by all the other visual elements on the average web page.

Attract Attention

Use a face that people in your target niche will instantly recognize on your banner. It could be an influencer or a celebrity. Display advertising has always made use of influencer marketing in order to succeed. Take advantage of this by letting a celebrity in your niche vouch for your product on social media and on your banner. But don’t forget to keep the message real and believable as well.


Use the Banner to Popularise your Brand Logo

Banners can be used as an element to build brand awareness. When designing a banner, it should match your company visual image, colour schemes and logos creating a set of identifiers that will lead customers to you. Your banners should be related to your site logo, your landing page theme, and your site colour scheme, creating a continuity and reinforcement of your brand with the target audience.

Keep it Simple

A single slide ad with a simple message will be digested completely by the viewer in a single glance. This works in your favour  When creating a banner, think of the single most effective message you want to pass on to the viewer, put it in a simple sentence and use it on a banner devoid of anything else except your company logo. A picture might speak a thousand words but a short and simple message stays with the viewer long after they have seen the banner.

Use a Banner Effectiveness Analyser

Some tools give you the ability to analyse your banner to determine its effectiveness in making a good first impression. It features a heat map that shows the areas of your banner most likely to attract the viewers’ attention.

Even with their declining click-through rates, banner ads can still be developed and designed to provide amazing results using the right strategies. They still hold the advantage of being adaptable and are a relatively inexpensive way to boost your online brand awareness.

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