Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A successful business is dependent on great graphic design. Think of all the brochures you’ve seen at the dentists’ office, logos from popular brands you love, websites and other design products. These are obvious examples of the application of good graphic design.

Our graphic designs services include:

Logo Design

What type of logo design would you like? Are you looking for a design that reflects the core values of your business?

Design Hut will create a power logo that highlights your brand personality and engages your audience.

At first glance, your prospects and customers alike will understand the core values of your business through this clever visual representation.

Stationery Design 

Give your business a smarter look with our stationery design service. Design Hut creates designs for any type of stationery set. Our goal is to make your business look professional through stationary that is polished and memorable.

When your employees use company stationery, they should feel like they are representing your company. We can create a range of visuals and give you the final choice before we go ahead and produce anything.

Business Card Design:

A descriptive business card is the cornerstone of your business. Even in today’s digital world, your company staff will benefit from having some cards in their wallet. It is the first impression a prospect gets of your company.

We’ll make it thick too, so it stands the test of time. Finally, we throw a gorgeous finish that accentuates the design.


Infographics are one of the best ways to present data. When you have complex data, but you want to make a compelling narrative the audience understands, this is the way to go.

Our expert graphic designers in Southampton know how to synthesise dense information into engaging graphic stories your audience can connect with in seconds.ce anything.

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