Motion Design

Motion Design

You’ve probably heard of the terms motion design or motion graphics in passing, but you may not be sure what they mean.

Motion design is one of the best techniques to improve your video marketing strategy.

Our motion design services include:

2D Animation

Present your message with engaging graphics that transform your product. We create 2D animated videos that are easy to understand, excite your audience, and inform and persuade them of the benefits of your products.

This type of video is best suited to one-off projects and uses a healthy mix of storytelling, creativity and technique to ensure your audience stays engaged until the end of the video.

3D Animation

We use 3D animation in many of our projects. Great ideas are best captured in scenarios that aren’t practical in a live action video. We can bring your product to life in a glorious 3D production.

Your concept, products and graphics are well-represented in illustrations, images and words that will show them in the best light.

Marketing Videos

Your marketing video doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ll create simple videos that build trust with your target audience. We can give your product a more human feel.

Think of it like having a personal conversation with your audience. A good marketing video or commercial increases confidence to buy your product. YouTube is now part of Google and it has increased the relevance of videos to your SERP rankings whilst creating opportunities for more ROI.

Explainer Videos

One of the areas we excel at is creating explainer videos that carry your brand voice and resonate with your audience.

We can create a demo, training or tutorial video that helps people understand what your service or product is all about.

Why do you need motion design for your video marketing?

One of the best features of motion design is that it taps into the amazing power of visual imagery to communicate your message in an appealing way. Humans are often visual learners. You’re more likely to remember something you saw than a text you read. Visuals are easy to assimilate and understand.

Motion design is design in motion. It uses animation techniques to give life to designs. In just a few seconds, you will be able to show your product to your audience. To get the best out of your motion graphics, we could combine them with another style to give them the human touch. This could be a live action video, character animation or a whiteboard video.

If your company has a “serious” image and you want to give your video a more elegant style, let Design Hut create a formal explainer video that tells your story. Motion design is the best way to communicate stats, numbers and facts that would otherwise be hard to assimilate without losing their appeal.

What does Design Hut bring to the table?

Videos are crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Design Hut creates captivating and engaging motion graphics for brands of all sizes. We are the leading motion design company in Southampton.

Our designers are skilled in web animation, computer graphics and high-end motion design that will effectively communicate your message.

We have mastered the art of staying on brand while creating powerful videos that make an impact. We apply our storytelling skills, typography and deep knowledge of design to every video we create.

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