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UI & UX Design

Powerful UI and UX is crucial to increased sales and higher user adoption rates. As a Southampton-based company, we have a deeper understanding of the local audience. We conduct research that enables us to create an intuitive design that delivers more ROI than you could expect.


User Experience design means designing a product first, for people.

It embraces customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving ease of use, usability and pleasure derived from the product.

It is the interaction between a product and the end-user.

When you hire Design Hut for your UX needs, you’ll be getting a team of design experts who are part project managers, part designers and part marketers. They make up a comprehensive all-in-one package, which means you won’t have to look anywhere else for your UX needs.


The User Interface Design complements the interactivity, look, feel and presentation of your product. It extends to the graphic design, branding design and user experience design.

A UI designer is responsible for moulding product research, development and layout into an attractive, responsive experience your users can enjoy.

Design Hut offers a combined service to businesses in Southampton and beyond that need web designers who can take their customers on an amazing journey from the very moment they discover your product.


Some of our UX and UI services include:


You can’t create a great user experience if it doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations.

At Design Hut, we begin by understanding your key business goals and researching your target audience to find the meeting point.

We create audience personas to understand their needs and align their expectations with your products.

Cross-device UX

Your users also want a great mobile experience across all screen sizes and internet connections. Design Hut always delivers applications that are efficient.

We’ve developed a framework that reduces development and design time while implementing a cross-platform strategy without affecting the quality of the tablet/mobile experience of your consumer market.

User testing

Our usability testing solutions ensure ease-of-use, cognitive walkthrough and a convenient control flow.

We create case studies based on your business goals and the research we’ve conducted. This helps us turn the analysed data into the best design.

We’ll collate feedback using remote user testing, storyboards and on-site testing.

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